Business Partners Helping Each Other



n. Any condition, circumstance, opportunity, or means, particularly favorable to success, or to any desired end; benefit;

As its definition suggests, gaining the advantage significantly improves the chances for success. It’s with that purpose in mind that you should consider Advantage Consulting Services. We have identified several specific areas where we can best serve you: Workers’ Compensation, Self-Funded Employee Benefits, and Leave Administration.

Our Goal is Your Goals

Each program centers on your workforce, its productivity, its well-being, and its availability. Just as you align your financial and human resources functions in the same direction as the overall organization, we will help you align these programs to meet your goals. A customized, collaborative strategy is the only way we can help you.

Our Commitment

Your time and resources are precious and few. Each year seems to add more to the mountain of rules and regulations every employer must observe. At Advantage, we recognize and appreciate these challenges. When you contact us, we pledge to give you straightforward answers and reliable service providers. Your best interest will always take priority as we will work together on building sustainable solutions.