Absence Management

You’re not in business to track leave of absences, are you?

Compliance with ever changing regulations from the Department of Labor is nearly impossible for an organization like yours.  Your time and that of your human resources department are far better allocated to more meaningful functions, like hiring the best associates and keeping the most effective around for the long term.   Absences cause a ripple effect on productivity well beyond the loss of an employee.

  • Is someone spending 20 hours or more per week on leave of absence management?  Have you given any thought to what that costs the organization?
  • How confident are you that your leave program is meeting compliance with all DOL regulations?
  • Who makes the clinical decision to approve or deny a leave request based on an associate’s right to FMLA?
  • Outsourcing leave administration may be right for your organization.  Advantage offers comprehensive solutions to these and other inefficient employment practices.

Workers Compensation 

If you’re a business owner or operations manager you’ve likely faced challenges with your workers’ compensation program.  Whether it’s a claim allowance, delayed return to work or Industrial Commission decision, the system certainly seems to be stacked against the employer.

  • Frustrated with escalating premium costs?
  • Have Ohio BWC programs left you asking, “What’s the point?”
  • Do you feel like your TPA is too focused on group rating?
  • Poor communication from your TPA?

Discount programs may seem like the focus of all workers’ compensation providers but you need a real solution to comp that puts you in control.  Advantage Consulting Services provides the expertise to improve your bottom line and strengthen your program.

We recognize the health and safety of employees is of utmost importance to the success of any organization.  With that in mind, ensuring workers are provided the proper opportunities to receive treatment and rehabilitation is extremely important.  Equally important is the protection you select for your business against escalating premium costs.

ACS specializes in the following areas:

  • Self insured
  • Retrospective rated
  • State fund or penalty rated

We build lasting relationships with our partners in the workers’ compensation industry to deliver the very best to our clients.  Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive workers’ compensation solutions designed to reduce your expenses.

Self-Funded Benefits

In the past few years we’ve seen dramatic increases in the number of employers participating in self-funded health plans. It’s not just an option for the larger corporations. Employers with fewer than 100 employees are looking for ways to control health care costs, too. This requires employers to become better educated on their risk tolerance. 

So it’s just for savings?

That’s certainly part of it. What employers tell us is that they want more involvement in their plan designs; they want access to the claims data so they can make better informed decisions, and yes, they realize this will give them control over costs.

The health insurance industry is facing great changes over the next few years. The implementation of the Affordable Care Act is expected to drive up the costs even further. As business owners, managers, or part of a human resources team you must be certain you have all the facts and understand all the rules. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with staying on top of all changes and the impact they have on your organization.